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Week 11: Activity- Fiber Activity

This week’s activity required me to design a wall art display. With many ideas in mind, I decided to do a mixture of sewing and fiber art. To start my project, I decided to use an old t-shirt as the background and the platform for my fiber art. I asked my grandmother  if I could borrow some sewing string and needles. I decided to do a basic design that incorporated 4 colors. Since my favorite color is blue and green, I decided to use those colors in my design. Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture or a picture that showed my progress, but I did take a final product picture. I was kind of nervous to do this activity because I knew what I wanted to do but I was unsure if it was going to turn out the way I imagined it to be. It took me about 2 hours to complete because I kept messing up but I did not give up. I am satisfied with the final product and I will keep it in my room. In addition, grandma approved my sewing skills.



Week 10: Artist Conversation- Matthew Dumpit

This week I had the opportunity to view the creative work of Matthew Dumpit that was displayed in the Werby Gallery. Matthew’s display was something that I have not seen so far in the semester and it was unique because it incorporated many resources such as light and metals. Matthew’s display was centralized on mechanics and emotion. In his explanation to his display, he says “He tries to evoke familiarity and visceral thoughts through the movement of pieces.” Using geometric shapes it allowed his displays to move using cranks, levers, and vertical movements to display geometric configurations. Matthew also expressed that his work is centered around his emotions. He gets a feeling such as happiness or sadness and then begins to get lost in his emotions and eventually leading him to get lost in his art work. It took Matthew 5 months to complete his display. He said that he aims to engage viewers to have their own emotional experience through personal interaction. I liked this display that Matthew had put together because it allowed the viewers to interact with the artist’s pieces and have a different perspective on what art can mean.

Matthew does not have a website or social media.


This is a light display that was in the galley. I wanted to upload a video but it wouldn’t allow me.

Week 10: Student Conversation- Alicia Jones

This week for my classmate conversation, I met Alicia Jones. She is 19 years old and a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Alicia is the youngest sibling and has an older brother and older sister. Alicia is a film major student and plans to one day work in the film industry. Alicia went to Gahr High School in Cerritos and liked to watch tv and Netflix. She likes to edit small films and would like to work for Buzz Feed one day. Alicia’s is very involved in cheerleading and had been cheerleading since she was 11 years old. Alicia’s friend helped her to get involve in cheerleading as she was a young child. With her cheer team, she has won 2 years Nationals in cheerleading. Alicia’s specialty in cheerleading is tumbling and flying. In 5 years, Alicia sees herself working for a film company and editing small films. She would love to travel to France and see Paris, France.


Week 9: Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


This week at the Gavot West Gallery, I met Maccabee Shelley. Maccabee was born in Los Angeles and later moved to San Francisco and now lives in Long Beach. Maccabee has a degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University and is currently working as a post-baccalaureate student at California State University Long Beach. His display featured art pieces that were made from ceramic and melted glass. Maccabee uses ceramic and glass to create a design that his viewers don’t typically see in art. Maccabee like to mix colors and glass pieces to create a display that is vibrant in color and shapes. In addition, he uses materials and figurings that he finds and collects and incorporates them into his art display. In Maccabee’s display, he used broken glass, color and non colored glass, and an old dinning room table glass to create a display for his viewers.

His display uses many materials that I have not seen other artist use in their art display throughout this semester. Maccabee’s display was unique and pleasant to view. I liked his creativity and idea to incorporate recyclable display using broken glass. is his web page

Week 9: Classmate Conversation- George Estephan

This week I met a new classmate by the name of George Estephan. Like myself, George is 19 years old and is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. George is undeclared, but is considering studying an art such as music. George likes to listen to all types of music and goes to many concerts. In addition, George has worked on a few songs that he has written and recorded. His current musical project is to release his own album called Revelation. He plans to release this album by the end of this year. On top of his musical hobby and passion, George likes to go to the beach and clubbing with his friends


George’s favorite color is black and white. In 10 years, he sees himself going no where or owning his own clothing company. To George, art is having a deep meaning like hands on art and not the typical drawing or panting artwork. His favorite art gallery was the display of ceramic sculptures a few weeks ago.

Week 8: Activity- Art Writing and Editing

This week’s activity will require me to edit an Artist Conversation the Nicholas Ramierez and I have previously done.

Nicholas Ramierez

technical items: 1.)Grammatical- Week’s instead of Weeks 2.) God’s instead of Gods 3.) Great Flood instead of great flood

conceptual things: 1.) Sentence structure- Angela enjoys the use of clay because it comes from the Earth and she can make sculptures which resemble nature with materials that come from nature. Instead Angela enjoys using clay because it is a natural material that come from the Earth, thus, clay allows her to make sculptures that resemble nature using items from nature. 2.) In Angela’s sculptures she used six different types of clay to make the different colors of layers. Instead In Angela’s structures she uses six different types of clay to make the different layers of color. 3.) pure creation of Gods will. Instead Just God’s creation.

The conversation the Nicholas had was great. He added good details to explain Angela’s creations and expresses her theory behind her art pieces. Nicholas just be careful for grammatical problems and sentence structure. Other then that Good Job Man!

Taken from

My last posting to correct was from this week’s assignment. In my opinion there were no corrections needed as I reread my posting many times before posting it. In relations to this assignment, I need to work on adding more information about the artist and their display. In addition, I realized that my paragraphs do not connect. I will work on this by putting my paragraphs in chronological order and using transition words to connect my ideas.

Week 8: Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Maxine Merlino Gallery to view the art work of Mimi Haddon. Mimi grew up in Southern California and has two more years left in her art program. Mimi one day plans to teach art to other people, but she currently teaches art to young children at a private camp during the summer. In Mimi’s display she used t-shirts that were torn and cut to create a display of vibrant colors. She is a strong believer in using materials that are recycled. She uses fiber to create artifacts from  an imaginary world.

To Mimi, art is a physical experience, she compares her art to being a dance, and metaphorically explains her connection as she does a dance with her hands as she ties and stitches her art pieces. In addition, she says that the physicality of her work allows her to examine her emotions and her place in the world.

The art work that is displayed was created by Mimi. She used many colors and used about 100 t-shirts for her whole gallery display. Her favorite color throughout her display was the orangy-red colors.

Mimihaddon is her Instagram name and has a collection of her art work.


Week 8- Classmate Conversation: Rosanna Ramierez


This week, I had the opportunity to meet a young lady by the name of Rosanna Ramierez. Rosanna is an undeclared, second year student, and attends Cal State Long Beach. Rosanna likes music and wants to major in music production. In addition, she has been playing the guitar for the last 5 years. Rosanna likes to go out with her family and travel. She has traveled to Oregon, Washington State, and Mexico. Out of all the locations that she has been to, Rosanna says that Guadalajara, Mexico was her favorite. Her explanation to traveling to so many places was because she wants to learn about different cultures.

Rosanna’s parents are both from Mexico. She has a twin sister and they are both fraternal twins. Rosanna’s sister is older than her by a few minutes. When I asked Rosanna what does art mean to her, she responded by saying, “Art allows people to express themselves and be creative.” Rosanna is a nice person and her personality was positive, funny, and respectful.

Week 7- Artist Conversation: Jane Weibel

This week I went to the Max L. Gatov gallery where I visited the art work created by Jane Weibel. Her artwork featured an art creations created by ceramic and fibers. Jane’s gallery focussed on recounting fading memories and altered memories and stabilizing shift time. In Jane’s interview she explained the purpose of her gallery was to reconstruct childhood memories that she had as a child. In addition, she expressed that she wanted her viewers to have the same intensions as her, and have them reflect on their childhood. Jane also shared that this gallery display took her about 2 months to complete. It was important that Jane keeps her childhood memories alive because she recently lost a family member who suffered from Alzheimer. This experience was hard for her because she had to see how people can forget their childhood memories and not remember fun and important events in their life. That is why she decided to recreate an important chapter in her life that she currently could remember such as her childhood.

Jane is a 3 year college student, 1 year student from San Diego City College and a 2 year student from Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in ceramics. Her favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder.

Jane Weibel- @Janemargarette on Instagram


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