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Weekly Activities

Week 12: Activity- ePortfolio

For out last Activity for the semester in my Art 110 class I was required to personalize my WordPress to create an ePortfolio. The objective for this assignment was to redesign my current website in order to make it appealing to my viewers and audience. With a before and after photo below, you are able to see how I redesigned my page to make it appeal to others with calm and an organized layout. My intended audience will be people who are interested in my work. In the future, if I was to create another WordPress it will appeal to the world. But since I do not blog a lot, I doubt that I will create another page. Having a WordPress allowed me to write about certain topic, artists, and my creativity. I enjoyed using WordPress throughout the semester, but like anything else in life, it required some maintenance. I truly hope that everyone that visited my page had an unforgettable experience reading my work.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.33.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.32.16 PM


Week 11: Activity- Fiber Activity

This week’s activity required me to design a wall art display. With many ideas in mind, I decided to do a mixture of sewing and fiber art. To start my project, I decided to use an old t-shirt as the background and the platform for my fiber art. I asked my grandmother  if I could borrow some sewing string and needles. I decided to do a basic design that incorporated 4 colors. Since my favorite color is blue and green, I decided to use those colors in my design. Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture or a picture that showed my progress, but I did take a final product picture. I was kind of nervous to do this activity because I knew what I wanted to do but I was unsure if it was going to turn out the way I imagined it to be. It took me about 2 hours to complete because I kept messing up but I did not give up. I am satisfied with the final product and I will keep it in my room. In addition, grandma approved my sewing skills.


Week 8: Activity- Art Writing and Editing

This week’s activity will require me to edit an Artist Conversation the Nicholas Ramierez and I have previously done.

Nicholas Ramierez

technical items: 1.)Grammatical- Week’s instead of Weeks 2.) God’s instead of Gods 3.) Great Flood instead of great flood

conceptual things: 1.) Sentence structure- Angela enjoys the use of clay because it comes from the Earth and she can make sculptures which resemble nature with materials that come from nature. Instead Angela enjoys using clay because it is a natural material that come from the Earth, thus, clay allows her to make sculptures that resemble nature using items from nature. 2.) In Angela’s sculptures she used six different types of clay to make the different colors of layers. Instead In Angela’s structures she uses six different types of clay to make the different layers of color. 3.) pure creation of Gods will. Instead Just God’s creation.

The conversation the Nicholas had was great. He added good details to explain Angela’s creations and expresses her theory behind her art pieces. Nicholas just be careful for grammatical problems and sentence structure. Other then that Good Job Man!

Taken from

My last posting to correct was from this week’s assignment. In my opinion there were no corrections needed as I reread my posting many times before posting it. In relations to this assignment, I need to work on adding more information about the artist and their display. In addition, I realized that my paragraphs do not connect. I will work on this by putting my paragraphs in chronological order and using transition words to connect my ideas.

Week 7- Weekly Activity: Ephemeral Art



So this week’s assignment required me to use once again- social media. Not a stranger to Snapchat, this week’s assignment required me to decorate my snaps with color. To be honest when I do use Snapchat, I try to refrain from drawing on my pictures because I try to respond to the snaps in a timely manner. It is very time consuming to add detail to my photo so I just send snaps with funny captions and geo filter to add to my photo.

Some of the Snapchats that I made this week were a replica of an attendance card that I would most likely turned into class. Another Snapchat that I did was an outline of the CSULB emblem. In addition, the two other Snapchat photos are of a classmate in our class.

I liked this week’s assignment and I actually found out some more cool things that I could play around with Snapchat in the future. I feel that all the social media apps that have been created such as Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat all have the same purpose- which is to publicize our personal lives. We can show other people around the world or connect with family and friends to see what each other are doing daily.

Week 6- Weekly Activity: Identity Art (Periscope)

This week’s assignment required me to create a Periscope. Not having known much information about Periscope, I became adapted to it pretty quick. Periscope has 4 basic settings at the bottom that allows you to personally Periscope, Watch other Periscopers, view your personal profile, and see other Periscopers internationally. I decided to ask other classmates for their periscopes so that I would be able to view their broadcasts over the weekend. To my amaze, a few of my classmates had some funny and entertaining periscopes that were worth watching. I personally periscoped while my family and I were at the Dodger game on Saturday. I decided to Periscope the 7th ending in which we sang “Take me out to the Ball Game”. This experience was fun and broadened my social media, but I don’t think I will keep Periscope as it is very time consuming and requires a lot of attention. Periscope is not really needed in my life but I will watch other Periscopers in the future.


Week 5- Activity: Ethnography

This week’s assignment challenged me to avoid using electricity for one night. This activity proved to be a challenging for not only me, but for my family as a whole. It all started when I got home around 6:15pm from work. I took a picture on Friday evening of the location where I anticipated to spend my night without electricity. But unfortunately, when the sun had set and it was time for me to do my daily run, I found myself running threw the city street lights. My experienced was cut short. When I returned home there was no possibility to dodge the lights or not peek at the television. In addition, my phone was in the living room and was going off continuously as people were calling me because I did not respond to their text messages. I tried to continue the remainder of the night without electricity, but it was nearly impossible to shave, take a shower, and simply washing clothes.

Electricity has been proven to be used in everyone’s daily life. We use our phones to communicate, kitchen appliances to cook and preserve our food, and we use various sources for transportation. Electricity is the greatest invention. I have gone a quarter to a half a day without electricity on occasions when I am away from it such as being at the beach or while hiking. This activity was fun and challenging, but I will attempt to do this activity to the full extent another time later in life.


Week 4- Painting


Above is my masterpiece art work that I made for this week’s assignment. I started out by looking for a surface to paint on when I stumbled across my old wooden toy box that was in the garage. I took it out, dusted it, and began to design my lettering in order to paint my name. I decided to use my nickname because my full name would have not been able to fit on the box. I decided to make by background green and use the gold to make the lettering of my name stand out. When I completed my name with gold, I decided to outline the letters in black paint to make the letters pop a bit more. This assignment took my about 2 hours because I was very cautious when I started to avoid mixing the background and the gold lettering. The black paint served as a divider for both the colors and made the letters appear to be 3D. I am pleased to see how my project turned out, but most importantly I was happy to have been able to revive my old toy box that now has color and my name.

Week 3- Instagram Posts


For this week, my assignment was to post on Social Media using the hashtag Art110F15. This project was to see if I had common postings as my fellow classmates. When one views Instagram, it is likely that they will see postings such as selfies, food postings, and/or activity postings. It is common amongst the young culture to post pictures about their personal lives, activities, and food that they consume on the normal basis. Social Media has double in its sizes, and things like hashtags, emojies, and geo-tags have allowed people to categorize their common interest into a viewable page that is shared around the world.

For my four postings, I decided to post about the food I consumed for lunch, my school that I attend, a selfie of an old friend of mine, and a piece of art work that I viewed from the campus galleries. By viewing other people’s post using the same hashtag, I found out that many of us had common interest. In some cases, I saw people eating at a restaurant, some had ice cream, and many others drank delicious beverages such as boba or shakes. I feel as if we are a community because we are posting to the same social site, interacting with one another by liking and commenting on people’s postings, and most of all we are participating by viewing these postings.

Week 2- My Hand Plaster Casting

On Saturday, September 5, I decided to bring my brother along with me to do my week 2 assignment that would require me to do a plaster casting of my hand. Since we do not live close to the beach we decided to go to the marina in Long Beach to Mother’s Beach off of 2nd Street. I started the project by digging a hole. I then placed my hand in the middle of the hole and covered my hand with sand. I then carefully removed my hand and started to mix the plaster and water in a bucket in order to prepare my plaster for casting. I filled my hand casting with the plaster and luckily the plaster went in smoothly and made minimal mess. We covered the the casting with sand and allowed it to dry for half an hour. In the mean time while the plaster casting was drying, my brother and I went to get ice cream from an ice cream truck. In addition to eating ice cream, we talked and played in the sand while waiting for the plaster to harden. It was soon time for us to remove the casting from the sand and when we did so, we found my hand to have been casted into a plaster structure replicating my hand. We then cleaned it and packed up all our mess in order to leave the beach and return home. All in all, the project was fun and drew the attention of many people at the beach including the lifeguards and children

Final product of my plaster casting assignment at Mother's Beach in Long Beach, California.
Final product of my plaster casting assignment at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach, California.


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