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Week 15: Artist Conversation-Lourdes Martinez

Lourdes Martinez’s art work that she displayed for this week was out of the Merlino Art Gallery. Lourdes’s art work that she had on display in the exhibit came from an inspiration of a picture from 1990. The picture was taken from 66 billion kilometers from Earth. In her display, she used the photo taken from far away and zoomed into the photo to make her display. Lourdes decided to use the photo of Earth because she taught it was interesting. In addition, she was showing her audience the advantages of photography and the abilities of technology that would allow her to create her art work. In her art world, she starts with an idea that is fascinating to her and finds a way to make it relevant to art.

A great explanation to her art work was written in a book explaining her art display:

“Photographs enable us to step outside of our singular experience and witness our existence from the point of view of a vast and indifferent universe. How do we record our existence in the universe if not with a photograph? What does it meant sayI am here? You are here.”


Week 13: Artist Conversation- Tyler Turett

This week at the Gatov West Gallery, I met Tyler Turett. Tyler is a last semester/years student at California State University, Long Beach. Tyler’s work was unique because it dealt with animation and many drawings of cartoon characters. He has done many forms of art work including 2D drawings, 3D clay art, and animation. His art contained a mixture of cartoon animals and cartoon humans that he had put together to for cartoon strips/scenes. Tyler used a lot of black ink in his drawings that allowed him to make basic comic strip clips. In his animal cartoons, he used a lot of color such as greens, blues, and reds. Tyler Turett is currently majoring in Animation Track and will be moving  to Portland, Oregon for a job opportunity in Animation.Tyler said that he has been creating animation in order to entertain people and for personal enjoyment. I enjoyed viewing Tyler Turret’s work because it contained a lot of details. In addition, it felt as if I was in a movie or cartoon because of his art work. Tyler’s artwork is amazing and creative.

Tyler Turett’s website is:



Week 11: Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

This week I had the privilege to meet a super cool and nice artist named Kathy Yoon at the Maxine Merlino Gallery. Kathy’s display was personally the best display I have seen throughout the entire semester. I like that Kathy’s work was a self-representation that described herself and her emotions.

Kathy is a senior at Cal State Long Beach. Her display was her senior project. Kathy expressed to me that her pieces represented her emotions and personality at the time that she created the pieces. She decried the process on how she created each piece and shared with me that each piece is created using clay. All of the pieces in her display featured a motion or was positioned to show Kathy’s life experiences. In addition, Kathy explained that her entire display took her a total of 2 to 3 weeks to create each sculpture. When asked why each structure had not a lot of color, she explained that she wanted to keep the original color of the clay. On a few of her sculptures, Kathy used red paint to make certain features pop out. Likewise, she stated that the red would stand out in front of the black and white paint.

I liked her display as it was unique compared to the other galleries that I have seen throughout the semester. Kathy was patient when explaining her display and was cheerful to answer and explain her reason to each question. Each of Kathy’s sculptures had a meaning that I could connect to or knew someone that experienced the same situation as Kathy.

Good Job Kathy Yoon! Her instagram is Kathy.c.yoon


Week 10: Artist Conversation- Matthew Dumpit

This week I had the opportunity to view the creative work of Matthew Dumpit that was displayed in the Werby Gallery. Matthew’s display was something that I have not seen so far in the semester and it was unique because it incorporated many resources such as light and metals. Matthew’s display was centralized on mechanics and emotion. In his explanation to his display, he says “He tries to evoke familiarity and visceral thoughts through the movement of pieces.” Using geometric shapes it allowed his displays to move using cranks, levers, and vertical movements to display geometric configurations. Matthew also expressed that his work is centered around his emotions. He gets a feeling such as happiness or sadness and then begins to get lost in his emotions and eventually leading him to get lost in his art work. It took Matthew 5 months to complete his display. He said that he aims to engage viewers to have their own emotional experience through personal interaction. I liked this display that Matthew had put together because it allowed the viewers to interact with the artist’s pieces and have a different perspective on what art can mean.

Matthew does not have a website or social media.


This is a light display that was in the galley. I wanted to upload a video but it wouldn’t allow me.

Week 9: Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


This week at the Gavot West Gallery, I met Maccabee Shelley. Maccabee was born in Los Angeles and later moved to San Francisco and now lives in Long Beach. Maccabee has a degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University and is currently working as a post-baccalaureate student at California State University Long Beach. His display featured art pieces that were made from ceramic and melted glass. Maccabee uses ceramic and glass to create a design that his viewers don’t typically see in art. Maccabee like to mix colors and glass pieces to create a display that is vibrant in color and shapes. In addition, he uses materials and figurings that he finds and collects and incorporates them into his art display. In Maccabee’s display, he used broken glass, color and non colored glass, and an old dinning room table glass to create a display for his viewers.

His display uses many materials that I have not seen other artist use in their art display throughout this semester. Maccabee’s display was unique and pleasant to view. I liked his creativity and idea to incorporate recyclable display using broken glass. is his web page

Week 8: Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Maxine Merlino Gallery to view the art work of Mimi Haddon. Mimi grew up in Southern California and has two more years left in her art program. Mimi one day plans to teach art to other people, but she currently teaches art to young children at a private camp during the summer. In Mimi’s display she used t-shirts that were torn and cut to create a display of vibrant colors. She is a strong believer in using materials that are recycled. She uses fiber to create artifacts from  an imaginary world.

To Mimi, art is a physical experience, she compares her art to being a dance, and metaphorically explains her connection as she does a dance with her hands as she ties and stitches her art pieces. In addition, she says that the physicality of her work allows her to examine her emotions and her place in the world.

The art work that is displayed was created by Mimi. She used many colors and used about 100 t-shirts for her whole gallery display. Her favorite color throughout her display was the orangy-red colors.

Mimihaddon is her Instagram name and has a collection of her art work.


Week 7- Artist Conversation: Jane Weibel

This week I went to the Max L. Gatov gallery where I visited the art work created by Jane Weibel. Her artwork featured an art creations created by ceramic and fibers. Jane’s gallery focussed on recounting fading memories and altered memories and stabilizing shift time. In Jane’s interview she explained the purpose of her gallery was to reconstruct childhood memories that she had as a child. In addition, she expressed that she wanted her viewers to have the same intensions as her, and have them reflect on their childhood. Jane also shared that this gallery display took her about 2 months to complete. It was important that Jane keeps her childhood memories alive because she recently lost a family member who suffered from Alzheimer. This experience was hard for her because she had to see how people can forget their childhood memories and not remember fun and important events in their life. That is why she decided to recreate an important chapter in her life that she currently could remember such as her childhood.

Jane is a 3 year college student, 1 year student from San Diego City College and a 2 year student from Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in ceramics. Her favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder.

Jane Weibel- @Janemargarette on Instagram


Week 6- Artist Conversation: Anahid M and Dawn Derry

This week I went to Dutzi Gallery in which I had the opportunity to hear Anahid M and Dawn Derry talk about their art works that was displayed in the gallery. Both artists are friends that have been painting for a long time together. Their focus in their paintings are landscape and nature. The connection that they try to evoke to the viewers are connecting with nature and enjoying landscape in the society that they live in. Both painters have found their inspiration through places and photos that they have taken. From these experiences and photos that have been collected over time, both Anahid and Dawn recreate paintings. All the art work that was displayed was their own one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Anahid M and Dawn Derry say, “Through our paintings we are expressing a point of view of our surroundings through abstraction.”

The art work displayed is an art piece created by Anahid M in Fall 2015 called Fall on the right and Winter on the left. The paintings are oil paint and have a large variety of colors. I personally like the painting on the right because the colors are bold and I personally like the detail in this painting.

Both painters don’t have websites or social media but Dawn has an email-


Week 5- Artist Conversation: Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima

This week I had the privilege of viewing the art work created by Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima in Max L. Gatov Gallery. Their work displayed a collaborative design that showed 2 different meanings and personal values in their lives. The purpose of this weeks gallery was for the painters to work in “PAIRS”. Artists were required to “find and experiment with the interplay of individual voices in collaboration in the hope of finding new ways to approach and solve problems that occur in our individual painting practices.” – Introduction in the Gallery

Roddy and Krista are both seniors at Cal State Long Beach and love to paint. On Roddy’s side of the painting (bottom) he explained that the meaning of his painting was to honor his brother. Roddy’s brother died a month ago, and he wanted to honor him as his brother was a big supporter of Roddy’s passion for playing pool. The white wind represents his brother’s spirit. Roddy’s brother is standing behind him as he plays pool. Krista’s painting (top) represents her passion to helping adults that are disabled. Krista used a photo she took and redesigned it into a painting. The painting shows a counselor at the camp that she volunteers at talking to a disabled camper. Both artists used their time wisely to sketch out the layout of their design. Splitting the space allowed each artist to express different views on things they value in life.

The art work below allows me to feel emotionally connected to the design and the meaning it sends to the viewer. I like the colors they used as it connects both sides of the paintings to one another. When I heard the meaning to both paintings, I was able to connect to Roddy’s story as I too have lost a special person in my life.

Krista Tsukashima and Roddy Hernandez has no social media or website


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