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December 2015

Week 15: Artist Conversation-Lourdes Martinez

Lourdes Martinez’s art work that she displayed for this week was out of the Merlino Art Gallery. Lourdes’s art work that she had on display in the exhibit came from an inspiration of a picture from 1990. The picture was taken from 66 billion kilometers from Earth. In her display, she used the photo taken from far away and zoomed into the photo to make her display. Lourdes decided to use the photo of Earth because she taught it was interesting. In addition, she was showing her audience the advantages of photography and the abilities of technology that would allow her to create her art work. In her art world, she starts with an idea that is fascinating to her and finds a way to make it relevant to art.

A great explanation to her art work was written in a book explaining her art display:

“Photographs enable us to step outside of our singular experience and witness our existence from the point of view of a vast and indifferent universe. How do we record our existence in the universe if not with a photograph? What does it meant sayI am here? You are here.”


Week 15: Classmate Conversation- Cesar Torres and Kristal Torres


This week I got to interview Cesar Torres and Kristal Torres. Both Cesar and Kristal are two people that I have got to become close friends with throughout the semester. Going back to middle school days, it was good to have a class with a person that I can call my friend, Kristal Torres. As for my party hard brother from a summer trip to Scotland, it was nice to have Cesar Torres in my class.

As we interviewed one another, we composed a list of things that we all shared in common: we are second year student, we played sports in high school, and we are struggling to survive the second year in college. In addition we all work. Kristal works at Baskin Robbins and Cesar works at Nordstrom Rack. Even though we are still young, it is pretty cool to meet young people, such as them, that have traveled outside of the United States to other countries away from North America.

When I interviewed Cesar, he told me that music is the form of art that has changed/made an impact on his life. Cesar likes to listen to EDM music. He has been to concerts and raves in the past. To Cesar, EDM music soothes him and uplifts his soul when he is having a bad day.

Thanks Kristal and Cesar for this awesome conversation. We’ll see each other around campus and in the future. Love you guys!

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