This week at the art galleries, I met a new classmate by the name of Albert Haddad. Surprisingly, Albert is a freshmen. The reason why I am surprise that I met a freshmen is due to the fact that I have been interviewing sophomores and older students throughout the semester. Albert told me that he dorms on campus and is originally from the San Fernando Valley. Albert is a graduate from SoCES High School located in the valley. Albert choice to go to CSULB because he likes being by the beach and he liked the school atmosphere too. He is a civil engineering major student and enjoys eating, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and Hiking. Albert has an older sister that attends CSUN. In addition, he has one dog and his favorite color is yellow. Albert explained to me that he is very excited for the holidays and enjoys having Thanksgiving with his family.

To Albert art is a way for people to express themselves. Albert has enjoyed viewing all of the art work that he has seen at the art galleries each week.