This week at the Gatov West Gallery, I met Tyler Turett. Tyler is a last semester/years student at California State University, Long Beach. Tyler’s work was unique because it dealt with animation and many drawings of cartoon characters. He has done many forms of art work including 2D drawings, 3D clay art, and animation. His art contained a mixture of cartoon animals and cartoon humans that he had put together to for cartoon strips/scenes. Tyler used a lot of black ink in his drawings that allowed him to make basic comic strip clips. In his animal cartoons, he used a lot of color such as greens, blues, and reds. Tyler Turett is currently majoring in Animation Track and will be moving  to Portland, Oregon for a job opportunity in Animation.Tyler said that he has been creating animation in order to entertain people and for personal enjoyment. I enjoyed viewing Tyler Turret’s work because it contained a lot of details. In addition, it felt as if I was in a movie or cartoon because of his art work. Tyler’s artwork is amazing and creative.

Tyler Turett’s website is: