This week I visited the Max L. Gatov Gallery to view the art work of Christopher Michael Linquata. The title of his artwork display was Scared and Profane. Mr. Linquata is currently in his last year of education studying art to get a Master Degree in Fine Art. He is focusing his studies in representational paintings and drawings. Prior to Mr. Linquata attending Cal State Long Beach, he was a student at Cal State Northridge. His main focus for his display was to synthesize different forms of painting and combine it with modern space. He did so by appropriating figures, colors, poses, and light logic. He used different designs and background from actual locations in California and added his own twist to his paintings.

Viewing his display I personally liked the colors that he used throughout his artwork. Colors such as the blues, reds, and greens brought a relaxing feel to his artwork. I liked that in the majority of his artwork he added a personal twist by painting himself and his family into his paintings. For this gallery display, it took Mr. Linquata about 3years to put together the whole gallery. In many of his artworks, Mr. Linquata would draw out imaginations, memories, and would start drawing and painting in the present moment. He is mostly inspired by the renaissance era and nature.

Find Christopher Linquata on Instagram at @Icon5350