To begin, Leslie and I share the same major. Leslie is a Criminal Justice major student too. Leslie is 19 years old and is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Surprisingly, Leslie and I had a lot in common. Leslie went to Paramount High School. It was a coincidence that we both had the same college line up when deciding what college to attend. We both wanted to go to UCI and study Criminology, but we were both denied. In addition, Leslie likes to go to Disneyland, and her favorite Disney character is Aerial. Her favorite Disney movie are The Incredible and Toy Story. Leslie wants to become a detective when she grows up and plans to specialize in sex related crimes in order to catch the perpetrators that have committed sexual acts on their victims.

To Leslie a tattoo is art because it has a special meaning to the person the is getting the tattoo. Leslie expressed that getting a tattoo is art as it is being displayed and was created with a purpose. She said that if she was to ever get a tattoo she would get it on her wrist and it would probably be a quote.

Leslie would like to travel to Spain one day. She would also like to visit Australia when she begins to travel. Leslie also has two brothers that are young than her. Funny thing is Leslie is also a friend of my best friend and know a few of my close friends that attended high school with her.