This week I had the privilege to meet a super cool and nice artist named Kathy Yoon at the Maxine Merlino Gallery. Kathy’s display was personally the best display I have seen throughout the entire semester. I like that Kathy’s work was a self-representation that described herself and her emotions.

Kathy is a senior at Cal State Long Beach. Her display was her senior project. Kathy expressed to me that her pieces represented her emotions and personality at the time that she created the pieces. She decried the process on how she created each piece and shared with me that each piece is created using clay. All of the pieces in her display featured a motion or was positioned to show Kathy’s life experiences. In addition, Kathy explained that her entire display took her a total of 2 to 3 weeks to create each sculpture. When asked why each structure had not a lot of color, she explained that she wanted to keep the original color of the clay. On a few of her sculptures, Kathy used red paint to make certain features pop out. Likewise, she stated that the red would stand out in front of the black and white paint.

I liked her display as it was unique compared to the other galleries that I have seen throughout the semester. Kathy was patient when explaining her display and was cheerful to answer and explain her reason to each question. Each of Kathy’s sculptures had a meaning that I could connect to or knew someone that experienced the same situation as Kathy.

Good Job Kathy Yoon! Her instagram is Kathy.c.yoon