This week I had the opportunity to view the creative work of Matthew Dumpit that was displayed in the Werby Gallery. Matthew’s display was something that I have not seen so far in the semester and it was unique because it incorporated many resources such as light and metals. Matthew’s display was centralized on mechanics and emotion. In his explanation to his display, he says “He tries to evoke familiarity and visceral thoughts through the movement of pieces.” Using geometric shapes it allowed his displays to move using cranks, levers, and vertical movements to display geometric configurations. Matthew also expressed that his work is centered around his emotions. He gets a feeling such as happiness or sadness and then begins to get lost in his emotions and eventually leading him to get lost in his art work. It took Matthew 5 months to complete his display. He said that he aims to engage viewers to have their own emotional experience through personal interaction. I liked this display that Matthew had put together because it allowed the viewers to interact with the artist’s pieces and have a different perspective on what art can mean.

Matthew does not have a website or social media.


This is a light display that was in the galley. I wanted to upload a video but it wouldn’t allow me.