This week at the Gavot West Gallery, I met Maccabee Shelley. Maccabee was born in Los Angeles and later moved to San Francisco and now lives in Long Beach. Maccabee has a degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University and is currently working as a post-baccalaureate student at California State University Long Beach. His display featured art pieces that were made from ceramic and melted glass. Maccabee uses ceramic and glass to create a design that his viewers don’t typically see in art. Maccabee like to mix colors and glass pieces to create a display that is vibrant in color and shapes. In addition, he uses materials and figurings that he finds and collects and incorporates them into his art display. In Maccabee’s display, he used broken glass, color and non colored glass, and an old dinning room table glass to create a display for his viewers.

His display uses many materials that I have not seen other artist use in their art display throughout this semester. Maccabee’s display was unique and pleasant to view. I liked his creativity and idea to incorporate recyclable display using broken glass. is his web page