This week I had the opportunity to visit the Maxine Merlino Gallery to view the art work of Mimi Haddon. Mimi grew up in Southern California and has two more years left in her art program. Mimi one day plans to teach art to other people, but she currently teaches art to young children at a private camp during the summer. In Mimi’s display she used t-shirts that were torn and cut to create a display of vibrant colors. She is a strong believer in using materials that are recycled. She uses fiber to create artifacts from  an imaginary world.

To Mimi, art is a physical experience, she compares her art to being a dance, and metaphorically explains her connection as she does a dance with her hands as she ties and stitches her art pieces. In addition, she says that the physicality of her work allows her to examine her emotions and her place in the world.

The art work that is displayed was created by Mimi. She used many colors and used about 100 t-shirts for her whole gallery display. Her favorite color throughout her display was the orangy-red colors.

Mimihaddon is her Instagram name and has a collection of her art work.