This week’s activity will require me to edit an Artist Conversation the Nicholas Ramierez and I have previously done.

Nicholas Ramierez

technical items: 1.)Grammatical- Week’s instead of Weeks 2.) God’s instead of Gods 3.) Great Flood instead of great flood

conceptual things: 1.) Sentence structure- Angela enjoys the use of clay because it comes from the Earth and she can make sculptures which resemble nature with materials that come from nature. Instead Angela enjoys using clay because it is a natural material that come from the Earth, thus, clay allows her to make sculptures that resemble nature using items from nature. 2.) In Angela’s sculptures she used six different types of clay to make the different colors of layers. Instead In Angela’s structures she uses six different types of clay to make the different layers of color. 3.) pure creation of Gods will. Instead Just God’s creation.

The conversation the Nicholas had was great. He added good details to explain Angela’s creations and expresses her theory behind her art pieces. Nicholas just be careful for grammatical problems and sentence structure. Other then that Good Job Man!

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My last posting to correct was from this week’s assignment. In my opinion there were no corrections needed as I reread my posting many times before posting it. In relations to this assignment, I need to work on adding more information about the artist and their display. In addition, I realized that my paragraphs do not connect. I will work on this by putting my paragraphs in chronological order and using transition words to connect my ideas.