This week, I had the opportunity to meet a young lady by the name of Rosanna Ramierez. Rosanna is an undeclared, second year student, and attends Cal State Long Beach. Rosanna likes music and wants to major in music production. In addition, she has been playing the guitar for the last 5 years. Rosanna likes to go out with her family and travel. She has traveled to Oregon, Washington State, and Mexico. Out of all the locations that she has been to, Rosanna says that Guadalajara, Mexico was her favorite. Her explanation to traveling to so many places was because she wants to learn about different cultures.

Rosanna’s parents are both from Mexico. She has a twin sister and they are both fraternal twins. Rosanna’s sister is older than her by a few minutes. When I asked Rosanna what does art mean to her, she responded by saying, “Art allows people to express themselves and be creative.” Rosanna is a nice person and her personality was positive, funny, and respectful.