So this week’s assignment required me to use once again- social media. Not a stranger to Snapchat, this week’s assignment required me to decorate my snaps with color. To be honest when I do use Snapchat, I try to refrain from drawing on my pictures because I try to respond to the snaps in a timely manner. It is very time consuming to add detail to my photo so I just send snaps with funny captions and geo filter to add to my photo.

Some of the Snapchats that I made this week were a replica of an attendance card that I would most likely turned into class. Another Snapchat that I did was an outline of the CSULB emblem. In addition, the two other Snapchat photos are of a classmate in our class.

I liked this week’s assignment and I actually found out some more cool things that I could play around with Snapchat in the future. I feel that all the social media apps that have been created such as Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat all have the same purpose- which is to publicize our personal lives. We can show other people around the world or connect with family and friends to see what each other are doing daily.