This week I went to the Max L. Gatov gallery where I visited the art work created by Jane Weibel. Her artwork featured an art creations created by ceramic and fibers. Jane’s gallery focussed on recounting fading memories and altered memories and stabilizing shift time. In Jane’s interview she explained the purpose of her gallery was to reconstruct childhood memories that she had as a child. In addition, she expressed that she wanted her viewers to have the same intensions as her, and have them reflect on their childhood. Jane also shared that this gallery display took her about 2 months to complete. It was important that Jane keeps her childhood memories alive because she recently lost a family member who suffered from Alzheimer. This experience was hard for her because she had to see how people can forget their childhood memories and not remember fun and important events in their life. That is why she decided to recreate an important chapter in her life that she currently could remember such as her childhood.

Jane is a 3 year college student, 1 year student from San Diego City College and a 2 year student from Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in ceramics. Her favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder.

Jane Weibel- @Janemargarette on Instagram