This week I reconnected with a friend that I made over the summer. His name is Cesar Torres. Cesar is a second year student at CSULB and currently studying Criminal Justice. Cesar plans to get a job as a police officer. Cesar and I met as we both studied abroad this past summer in Scotland.

Cesar likes to listen to music and hang out with his family and friends. In addition, Cesar likes to go to music concerts. All in all, Cesar likes to have a good time. As Cesar and I conversed, I asked him what was the craziest thing he did as a young teen? And Cesar responded by saying he had egged someone’s house. Besides Cesar’s crazy childhood, he is a smart, outgoing, and honest person that loves to have a good time.

He said that if he had the chance to color his hair any crazy color it would be dark red. He said that red is a cool color but dark red would be less crazy but yet cool.

Cesar’s site:

Cesar and I
Cesar and I