This week’s assignment required me to create a Periscope. Not having known much information about Periscope, I became adapted to it pretty quick. Periscope has 4 basic settings at the bottom that allows you to personally Periscope, Watch other Periscopers, view your personal profile, and see other Periscopers internationally. I decided to ask other classmates for their periscopes so that I would be able to view their broadcasts over the weekend. To my amaze, a few of my classmates had some funny and entertaining periscopes that were worth watching. I personally periscoped while my family and I were at the Dodger game on Saturday. I decided to Periscope the 7th ending in which we sang “Take me out to the Ball Game”. This experience was fun and broadened my social media, but I don’t think I will keep Periscope as it is very time consuming and requires a lot of attention. Periscope is not really needed in my life but I will watch other Periscopers in the future.