This week I went to Dutzi Gallery in which I had the opportunity to hear Anahid M and Dawn Derry talk about their art works that was displayed in the gallery. Both artists are friends that have been painting for a long time together. Their focus in their paintings are landscape and nature. The connection that they try to evoke to the viewers are connecting with nature and enjoying landscape in the society that they live in. Both painters have found their inspiration through places and photos that they have taken. From these experiences and photos that have been collected over time, both Anahid and Dawn recreate paintings. All the art work that was displayed was their own one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Anahid M and Dawn Derry say, “Through our paintings we are expressing a point of view of our surroundings through abstraction.”

The art work displayed is an art piece created by Anahid M in Fall 2015 called Fall on the right and Winter on the left. The paintings are oil paint and have a large variety of colors. I personally like the painting on the right because the colors are bold and I personally like the detail in this painting.

Both painters don’t have websites or social media but Dawn has an email-