This week’s assignment challenged me to avoid using electricity for one night. This activity proved to be a challenging for not only me, but for my family as a whole. It all started when I got home around 6:15pm from work. I took a picture on Friday evening of the location where I anticipated to spend my night without electricity. But unfortunately, when the sun had set and it was time for me to do my daily run, I found myself running threw the city street lights. My experienced was cut short. When I returned home there was no possibility to dodge the lights or not peek at the television. In addition, my phone was in the living room and was going off continuously as people were calling me because I did not respond to their text messages. I tried to continue the remainder of the night without electricity, but it was nearly impossible to shave, take a shower, and simply washing clothes.

Electricity has been proven to be used in everyone’s daily life. We use our phones to communicate, kitchen appliances to cook and preserve our food, and we use various sources for transportation. Electricity is the greatest invention. I have gone a quarter to a half a day without electricity on occasions when I am away from it such as being at the beach or while hiking. This activity was fun and challenging, but I will attempt to do this activity to the full extent another time later in life.