This week I had the privilege of viewing the art work created by Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima in Max L. Gatov Gallery. Their work displayed a collaborative design that showed 2 different meanings and personal values in their lives. The purpose of this weeks gallery was for the painters to work in “PAIRS”. Artists were required to “find and experiment with the interplay of individual voices in collaboration in the hope of finding new ways to approach and solve problems that occur in our individual painting practices.” – Introduction in the Gallery

Roddy and Krista are both seniors at Cal State Long Beach and love to paint. On Roddy’s side of the painting (bottom) he explained that the meaning of his painting was to honor his brother. Roddy’s brother died a month ago, and he wanted to honor him as his brother was a big supporter of Roddy’s passion for playing pool. The white wind represents his brother’s spirit. Roddy’s brother is standing behind him as he plays pool. Krista’s painting (top) represents her passion to helping adults that are disabled. Krista used a photo she took and redesigned it into a painting. The painting shows a counselor at the camp that she volunteers at talking to a disabled camper. Both artists used their time wisely to sketch out the layout of their design. Splitting the space allowed each artist to express different views on things they value in life.

The art work below allows me to feel emotionally connected to the design and the meaning it sends to the viewer. I like the colors they used as it connects both sides of the paintings to one another. When I heard the meaning to both paintings, I was able to connect to Roddy’s story as I too have lost a special person in my life.

Krista Tsukashima and Roddy Hernandez has no social media or website