Above is my masterpiece art work that I made for this week’s assignment. I started out by looking for a surface to paint on when I stumbled across my old wooden toy box that was in the garage. I took it out, dusted it, and began to design my lettering in order to paint my name. I decided to use my nickname because my full name would have not been able to fit on the box. I decided to make by background green and use the gold to make the lettering of my name stand out. When I completed my name with gold, I decided to outline the letters in black paint to make the letters pop a bit more. This assignment took my about 2 hours because I was very cautious when I started to avoid mixing the background and the gold lettering. The black paint served as a divider for both the colors and made the letters appear to be 3D. I am pleased to see how my project turned out, but most importantly I was happy to have been able to revive my old toy box that now has color and my name.