This week, I went to the Max L. Gavov Gallery. In this gallery, I viewed the art pieces created by Vanessa Gamboa and David De Mendoza. This gallery featured the work of both artists based on fears. This gallery had paintings and illustrations of pencil art work that had dramatic lighting which played a role in the construction of the spooky art work displayed along the walls. I interviewed David who is from Santa Monica, California. He is  a student at Cal State Long Beach and has one year remanding. He gets his inspiration for painting from horror movies. He started painting 3 years ago, and continues as a hobby. To David, art is freedom of expression, or the window to the soul; however, he says his paintings hold no personal significance.

In an overview of the gallery, it states that “David takes recognizable human form and corrupts it to create monstrous deities representing the horrors that torment the human soul.” In addition, Vanessa “depicts the female human figure in artificial and psychological surreal environments.”

The artwork featured was created by Vanessa Gamboa. Since she was not present for an interview, I had to interview David. Vanessa’s art work shows a person on their back, possibly sleeping or falling into a bed. Her artwork has a lot of vibrant colors and uses designs and shape that add uniqueness to her work. The title of this piece is called Sedentary and I personally like it because of the colors and the emotion it gives off of free falling into a state of relaxation.

David only has a Facebook as his social media under David Mendoza-

Sedentary by Vanessa Gamboa
Sedentary by Vanessa Gamboa