For this week, my assignment was to post on Social Media using the hashtag Art110F15. This project was to see if I had common postings as my fellow classmates. When one views Instagram, it is likely that they will see postings such as selfies, food postings, and/or activity postings. It is common amongst the young culture to post pictures about their personal lives, activities, and food that they consume on the normal basis. Social Media has double in its sizes, and things like hashtags, emojies, and geo-tags have allowed people to categorize their common interest into a viewable page that is shared around the world.

For my four postings, I decided to post about the food I consumed for lunch, my school that I attend, a selfie of an old friend of mine, and a piece of art work that I viewed from the campus galleries. By viewing other people’s post using the same hashtag, I found out that many of us had common interest. In some cases, I saw people eating at a restaurant, some had ice cream, and many others drank delicious beverages such as boba or shakes. I feel as if we are a community because we are posting to the same social site, interacting with one another by liking and commenting on people’s postings, and most of all we are participating by viewing these postings.