The first person I met this semester in my Art 110 class and decided to do a classmate conversation was on Kristal Torres. Kristal is an old friend that I met in middle school. As we reunited in this class, I began to start the conversation by asking her What does art mean to her? Kristal’s response to my question was that art is a form of expression. In order for people to express their art, Artists use tools to show feelings, tell a story, and speak to their audience. In addition, Kristal told me that art enhances the world in many forms through various Artists’ creativity. She and others like her can relate with art and see something others can’t see in art through interpretations. Kristal concluded the conversation by saying her favor type of art is glass art as it has pretty colors and designs.

Kristal is the same age as me and surprisingly we share the same birth date. In addition, we share many similar interests as we both play sports such as soccer and enjoy running. Kristal is smart, creative, and an awesome all around! It was nice to reunite with an old friend and we enjoy having classes together.