On Saturday, September 5, I decided to bring my brother along with me to do my week 2 assignment that would require me to do a plaster casting of my hand. Since we do not live close to the beach we decided to go to the marina in Long Beach to Mother’s Beach off of 2nd Street. I started the project by digging a hole. I then placed my hand in the middle of the hole and covered my hand with sand. I then carefully removed my hand and started to mix the plaster and water in a bucket in order to prepare my plaster for casting. I filled my hand casting with the plaster and luckily the plaster went in smoothly and made minimal mess. We covered the the casting with sand and allowed it to dry for half an hour. In the mean time while the plaster casting was drying, my brother and I went to get ice cream from an ice cream truck. In addition to eating ice cream, we talked and played in the sand while waiting for the plaster to harden. It was soon time for us to remove the casting from the sand and when we did so, we found my hand to have been casted into a plaster structure replicating my hand. We then cleaned it and packed up all our mess in order to leave the beach and return home. All in all, the project was fun and drew the attention of many people at the beach including the lifeguards and children

Final product of my plaster casting assignment at Mother's Beach in Long Beach, California.
Final product of my plaster casting assignment at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach, California.