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September 2015

Week 5- Activity: Ethnography

This week’s assignment challenged me to avoid using electricity for one night. This activity proved to be a challenging for not only me, but for my family as a whole. It all started when I got home around 6:15pm from work. I took a picture on Friday evening of the location where I anticipated to spend my night without electricity. But unfortunately, when the sun had set and it was time for me to do my daily run, I found myself running threw the city street lights. My experienced was cut short. When I returned home there was no possibility to dodge the lights or not peek at the television. In addition, my phone was in the living room and was going off continuously as people were calling me because I did not respond to their text messages. I tried to continue the remainder of the night without electricity, but it was nearly impossible to shave, take a shower, and simply washing clothes.

Electricity has been proven to be used in everyone’s daily life. We use our phones to communicate, kitchen appliances to cook and preserve our food, and we use various sources for transportation. Electricity is the greatest invention. I have gone a quarter to a half a day without electricity on occasions when I am away from it such as being at the beach or while hiking. This activity was fun and challenging, but I will attempt to do this activity to the full extent another time later in life.



Week 5- Artist Conversation: Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima

This week I had the privilege of viewing the art work created by Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima in Max L. Gatov Gallery. Their work displayed a collaborative design that showed 2 different meanings and personal values in their lives. The purpose of this weeks gallery was for the painters to work in “PAIRS”. Artists were required to “find and experiment with the interplay of individual voices in collaboration in the hope of finding new ways to approach and solve problems that occur in our individual painting practices.” – Introduction in the Gallery

Roddy and Krista are both seniors at Cal State Long Beach and love to paint. On Roddy’s side of the painting (bottom) he explained that the meaning of his painting was to honor his brother. Roddy’s brother died a month ago, and he wanted to honor him as his brother was a big supporter of Roddy’s passion for playing pool. The white wind represents his brother’s spirit. Roddy’s brother is standing behind him as he plays pool. Krista’s painting (top) represents her passion to helping adults that are disabled. Krista used a photo she took and redesigned it into a painting. The painting shows a counselor at the camp that she volunteers at talking to a disabled camper. Both artists used their time wisely to sketch out the layout of their design. Splitting the space allowed each artist to express different views on things they value in life.

The art work below allows me to feel emotionally connected to the design and the meaning it sends to the viewer. I like the colors they used as it connects both sides of the paintings to one another. When I heard the meaning to both paintings, I was able to connect to Roddy’s story as I too have lost a special person in my life.

Krista Tsukashima and Roddy Hernandez has no social media or website


Week 5- Classmate Conversation: Perla Aguayo

This week I meet Perla Aguayo, who is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Perla likes to go to the beach and spend time with family and friends. Perla’s favorite color is purple and has 2 older brothers and 2 dogs. Perla is not a Long Beach native. Perla grew up and lived in Ontario, California. Because her hometown is far from Long Beach, thus Perla dorms on campus. Perla decided to come to Cal State Long Beach to study because she wanted to be close to the beach but not to far away from home. Perla is undeclared, but she is considering health science.

Perla answered this week’s question, What are you skimming in by saying she is swimming in life and in school. Perla is involved in school and enjoys her life.

Perla Aguayo:


Week 4- Painting


Above is my masterpiece art work that I made for this week’s assignment. I started out by looking for a surface to paint on when I stumbled across my old wooden toy box that was in the garage. I took it out, dusted it, and began to design my lettering in order to paint my name. I decided to use my nickname because my full name would have not been able to fit on the box. I decided to make by background green and use the gold to make the lettering of my name stand out. When I completed my name with gold, I decided to outline the letters in black paint to make the letters pop a bit more. This assignment took my about 2 hours because I was very cautious when I started to avoid mixing the background and the gold lettering. The black paint served as a divider for both the colors and made the letters appear to be 3D. I am pleased to see how my project turned out, but most importantly I was happy to have been able to revive my old toy box that now has color and my name.

Week 4- Artist Conversation: David De Mendoza

This week, I went to the Max L. Gavov Gallery. In this gallery, I viewed the art pieces created by Vanessa Gamboa and David De Mendoza. This gallery featured the work of both artists based on fears. This gallery had paintings and illustrations of pencil art work that had dramatic lighting which played a role in the construction of the spooky art work displayed along the walls. I interviewed David who is from Santa Monica, California. He is  a student at Cal State Long Beach and has one year remanding. He gets his inspiration for painting from horror movies. He started painting 3 years ago, and continues as a hobby. To David, art is freedom of expression, or the window to the soul; however, he says his paintings hold no personal significance.

In an overview of the gallery, it states that “David takes recognizable human form and corrupts it to create monstrous deities representing the horrors that torment the human soul.” In addition, Vanessa “depicts the female human figure in artificial and psychological surreal environments.”

The artwork featured was created by Vanessa Gamboa. Since she was not present for an interview, I had to interview David. Vanessa’s art work shows a person on their back, possibly sleeping or falling into a bed. Her artwork has a lot of vibrant colors and uses designs and shape that add uniqueness to her work. The title of this piece is called Sedentary and I personally like it because of the colors and the emotion it gives off of free falling into a state of relaxation.

David only has a Facebook as his social media under David Mendoza-

Sedentary by Vanessa Gamboa
Sedentary by Vanessa Gamboa

Week 4- Classroom Conversation:Tyler Nakashima

For this week’s assignment to have a conversation with a new student in my class, I met Tyler Nakashima. Tyler is a health science major and attends Cal State Long Beach. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I have seen Tyler in our class, but never knew that we shared a few common interests. For example, Tyler likes to jog and go to the beach. Like Tyler, I share the same interests. Tyler likes to hang out with friends and enjoys playing fighting games such as Street Fighters and Super Smash Brothers.

When I asked Tyler the assignment question for this week: Is art important?, he responded by saying, “I really value art. I think that science is of course important. However, I feel that art is special to the human race. Not only can art be personally therapeutic and used to express one’s emotions, but art can also be a great tool. For example, antiwar music around the Vietnam War era was extremely influential to the younger generation. The themes of those songs shaped the collective consciousness of an entire generation. I think Art allows people to express their ideas and thoughts to an infinite amount of other people which is truly amazing. I find it even more amazing that people can look at a piece of art and find entirely new meanings not intended by the author. Science is a way for us to find answers about the universe, but I feel that art is limitless.”

Visit Tyler’s page at

A photo with my classmate Tyler Nakashima.
A photo with my classmate Tyler Nakashima.

Week 3- Instagram Posts


For this week, my assignment was to post on Social Media using the hashtag Art110F15. This project was to see if I had common postings as my fellow classmates. When one views Instagram, it is likely that they will see postings such as selfies, food postings, and/or activity postings. It is common amongst the young culture to post pictures about their personal lives, activities, and food that they consume on the normal basis. Social Media has double in its sizes, and things like hashtags, emojies, and geo-tags have allowed people to categorize their common interest into a viewable page that is shared around the world.

For my four postings, I decided to post about the food I consumed for lunch, my school that I attend, a selfie of an old friend of mine, and a piece of art work that I viewed from the campus galleries. By viewing other people’s post using the same hashtag, I found out that many of us had common interest. In some cases, I saw people eating at a restaurant, some had ice cream, and many others drank delicious beverages such as boba or shakes. I feel as if we are a community because we are posting to the same social site, interacting with one another by liking and commenting on people’s postings, and most of all we are participating by viewing these postings.

Week 3- Artist Conversation: Kayla R. Workman

For this assignment, I went to the Marilyn Werby Gallery and interviewed Kayla R. Workman ( In this section of the art galleries, the art displayed were from a Cross- Cultural and Community Based Practice in Art. The art that was displayed was from Acacia Adult Day Services. The art shown is a glass painting, which is inspired by the Japanese tradition of the Notan (Stained Glass Notan). This particular piece has a black background, with a start in the corner. What makes this piece unique is that the start is divided by two colors- yellow and red. In addition, there are objects that look to replicate a planet and a rocket ship. The piece had a rough texture and contained a glass frame.

When I interviewed Kayla, she explained why she chose to work with the people that where involved in the making of the Notans. She explained that she had a great-uncle that suffered from alzheimer and so did a few of the people she worked with at the Acacia Adult Day Services too. She said that she wanted to get a better understanding how to work with people that suffer from this disease. As it related to the art displayed, she expressed that this particular activity was hard to complete because many of its Artists would get distracted and not complete the activity. This display is special to me because I too know someone who is currently suffering from the disease. I admire Kayla’s patients and dedication to the work of community service.

Kayla has an inspirational and warming character. She explained to me that she is a  student at CSULB. As this art work was enjoyable to see, it truly touched my heart. If I were to be able to see all the wonderful people that created these beautiful art work, I would seriously have tears running down my face. To me, it is a great accomplishment for people who suffer from this disease to view the masterpieces that they have created.

To sum it all up, the work that these people at the Adult Care completed were asked to complete a harmonious Notan with special consideration for space, shape, and color. This activity was intended to be a therapeutic art, in which the focus was on creativity and encourage positive emotion through art.


Week 3- Classmate Conversation: Kristal Torres

The first person I met this semester in my Art 110 class and decided to do a classmate conversation was on Kristal Torres. Kristal is an old friend that I met in middle school. As we reunited in this class, I began to start the conversation by asking her What does art mean to her? Kristal’s response to my question was that art is a form of expression. In order for people to express their art, Artists use tools to show feelings, tell a story, and speak to their audience. In addition, Kristal told me that art enhances the world in many forms through various Artists’ creativity. She and others like her can relate with art and see something others can’t see in art through interpretations. Kristal concluded the conversation by saying her favor type of art is glass art as it has pretty colors and designs.

Kristal is the same age as me and surprisingly we share the same birth date. In addition, we share many similar interests as we both play sports such as soccer and enjoy running. Kristal is smart, creative, and an awesome all around! It was nice to reunite with an old friend and we enjoy having classes together.


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