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Week 15: Artist Conversation-Lourdes Martinez

Lourdes Martinez’s art work that she displayed for this week was out of the Merlino Art Gallery. Lourdes’s art work that she had on display in the exhibit came from an inspiration of a picture from 1990. The picture was taken from 66 billion kilometers from Earth. In her display, she used the photo taken from far away and zoomed into the photo to make her display. Lourdes decided to use the photo of Earth because she taught it was interesting. In addition, she was showing her audience the advantages of photography and the abilities of technology that would allow her to create her art work. In her art world, she starts with an idea that is fascinating to her and finds a way to make it relevant to art.

A great explanation to her art work was written in a book explaining her art display:

“Photographs enable us to step outside of our singular experience and witness our existence from the point of view of a vast and indifferent universe. How do we record our existence in the universe if not with a photograph? What does it meant sayI am here? You are here.”


Week 15: Classmate Conversation- Cesar Torres and Kristal Torres


This week I got to interview Cesar Torres and Kristal Torres. Both Cesar and Kristal are two people that I have got to become close friends with throughout the semester. Going back to middle school days, it was good to have a class with a person that I can call my friend, Kristal Torres. As for my party hard brother from a summer trip to Scotland, it was nice to have Cesar Torres in my class.

As we interviewed one another, we composed a list of things that we all shared in common: we are second year student, we played sports in high school, and we are struggling to survive the second year in college. In addition we all work. Kristal works at Baskin Robbins and Cesar works at Nordstrom Rack. Even though we are still young, it is pretty cool to meet young people, such as them, that have traveled outside of the United States to other countries away from North America.

When I interviewed Cesar, he told me that music is the form of art that has changed/made an impact on his life. Cesar likes to listen to EDM music. He has been to concerts and raves in the past. To Cesar, EDM music soothes him and uplifts his soul when he is having a bad day.

Thanks Kristal and Cesar for this awesome conversation. We’ll see each other around campus and in the future. Love you guys!

Week 13: Artist Conversation- Tyler Turett

This week at the Gatov West Gallery, I met Tyler Turett. Tyler is a last semester/years student at California State University, Long Beach. Tyler’s work was unique because it dealt with animation and many drawings of cartoon characters. He has done many forms of art work including 2D drawings, 3D clay art, and animation. His art contained a mixture of cartoon animals and cartoon humans that he had put together to for cartoon strips/scenes. Tyler used a lot of black ink in his drawings that allowed him to make basic comic strip clips. In his animal cartoons, he used a lot of color such as greens, blues, and reds. Tyler Turett is currently majoring in Animation Track and will be moving  to Portland, Oregon for a job opportunity in Animation.Tyler said that he has been creating animation in order to entertain people and for personal enjoyment. I enjoyed viewing Tyler Turret’s work because it contained a lot of details. In addition, it felt as if I was in a movie or cartoon because of his art work. Tyler’s artwork is amazing and creative.

Tyler Turett’s website is:



Week 13: Classmate Conversation- Albert Haddad

This week at the art galleries, I met a new classmate by the name of Albert Haddad. Surprisingly, Albert is a freshmen. The reason why I am surprise that I met a freshmen is due to the fact that I have been interviewing sophomores and older students throughout the semester. Albert told me that he dorms on campus and is originally from the San Fernando Valley. Albert is a graduate from SoCES High School located in the valley. Albert choice to go to CSULB because he likes being by the beach and he liked the school atmosphere too. He is a civil engineering major student and enjoys eating, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and Hiking. Albert has an older sister that attends CSUN. In addition, he has one dog and his favorite color is yellow. Albert explained to me that he is very excited for the holidays and enjoys having Thanksgiving with his family.

To Albert art is a way for people to express themselves. Albert has enjoyed viewing all of the art work that he has seen at the art galleries each week.


Week 12: Artist Conversation- Christopher Michael Linquata


This week I visited the Max L. Gatov Gallery to view the art work of Christopher Michael Linquata. The title of his artwork display was Scared and Profane. Mr. Linquata is currently in his last year of education studying art to get a Master Degree in Fine Art. He is focusing his studies in representational paintings and drawings. Prior to Mr. Linquata attending Cal State Long Beach, he was a student at Cal State Northridge. His main focus for his display was to synthesize different forms of painting and combine it with modern space. He did so by appropriating figures, colors, poses, and light logic. He used different designs and background from actual locations in California and added his own twist to his paintings.

Viewing his display I personally liked the colors that he used throughout his artwork. Colors such as the blues, reds, and greens brought a relaxing feel to his artwork. I liked that in the majority of his artwork he added a personal twist by painting himself and his family into his paintings. For this gallery display, it took Mr. Linquata about 3years to put together the whole gallery. In many of his artworks, Mr. Linquata would draw out imaginations, memories, and would start drawing and painting in the present moment. He is mostly inspired by the renaissance era and nature.

Find Christopher Linquata on Instagram at @Icon5350

Week 12: Activity- ePortfolio

For out last Activity for the semester in my Art 110 class I was required to personalize my WordPress to create an ePortfolio. The objective for this assignment was to redesign my current website in order to make it appealing to my viewers and audience. With a before and after photo below, you are able to see how I redesigned my page to make it appeal to others with calm and an organized layout. My intended audience will be people who are interested in my work. In the future, if I was to create another WordPress it will appeal to the world. But since I do not blog a lot, I doubt that I will create another page. Having a WordPress allowed me to write about certain topic, artists, and my creativity. I enjoyed using WordPress throughout the semester, but like anything else in life, it required some maintenance. I truly hope that everyone that visited my page had an unforgettable experience reading my work.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.33.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.32.16 PM

Week 12: Classmate Conversation- Nestor Plascencia


This week I met a Nestor Plascencia. Nestor grew up and currently lives in Paramount, CA. Nestor went to Paramount High School and now attends CSULB. He is a second year student studying business management but might change his major to communication. In high school, Nestor played tennis. In addition, Nestor likes to play soccer and he normally watches movies and does his homework during his free time. Nestor plans to own his own business when he grows older.

According to Nestor, the color blue excites him and grey makes him feel unemotional. Unlike the color grey, Nestor likes the color blue.

Week 11: Classmate Conversation- Leslie Lopez


To begin, Leslie and I share the same major. Leslie is a Criminal Justice major student too. Leslie is 19 years old and is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. Surprisingly, Leslie and I had a lot in common. Leslie went to Paramount High School. It was a coincidence that we both had the same college line up when deciding what college to attend. We both wanted to go to UCI and study Criminology, but we were both denied. In addition, Leslie likes to go to Disneyland, and her favorite Disney character is Aerial. Her favorite Disney movie are The Incredible and Toy Story. Leslie wants to become a detective when she grows up and plans to specialize in sex related crimes in order to catch the perpetrators that have committed sexual acts on their victims.

To Leslie a tattoo is art because it has a special meaning to the person the is getting the tattoo. Leslie expressed that getting a tattoo is art as it is being displayed and was created with a purpose. She said that if she was to ever get a tattoo she would get it on her wrist and it would probably be a quote.

Leslie would like to travel to Spain one day. She would also like to visit Australia when she begins to travel. Leslie also has two brothers that are young than her. Funny thing is Leslie is also a friend of my best friend and know a few of my close friends that attended high school with her.

Week 11: Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

This week I had the privilege to meet a super cool and nice artist named Kathy Yoon at the Maxine Merlino Gallery. Kathy’s display was personally the best display I have seen throughout the entire semester. I like that Kathy’s work was a self-representation that described herself and her emotions.

Kathy is a senior at Cal State Long Beach. Her display was her senior project. Kathy expressed to me that her pieces represented her emotions and personality at the time that she created the pieces. She decried the process on how she created each piece and shared with me that each piece is created using clay. All of the pieces in her display featured a motion or was positioned to show Kathy’s life experiences. In addition, Kathy explained that her entire display took her a total of 2 to 3 weeks to create each sculpture. When asked why each structure had not a lot of color, she explained that she wanted to keep the original color of the clay. On a few of her sculptures, Kathy used red paint to make certain features pop out. Likewise, she stated that the red would stand out in front of the black and white paint.

I liked her display as it was unique compared to the other galleries that I have seen throughout the semester. Kathy was patient when explaining her display and was cheerful to answer and explain her reason to each question. Each of Kathy’s sculptures had a meaning that I could connect to or knew someone that experienced the same situation as Kathy.

Good Job Kathy Yoon! Her instagram is Kathy.c.yoon


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